Extreme Green Guerrillas



October - November 2010 New Brave world, Meta morf, Teks.no, Trondheim, Norway

2009 Deep North, Transmediale Berlin, Germany

2008 Design and Elastic Mind, MoMA, New York

2008 Living and working together: design projects for the future, Academy Gallery Utrecht, Netherland

2007 Saving Planet Earth: A 21st-century Approach, ICA London

We are forced to face the reality on a daily basis that environmental damage is more advanced than experts predicted. As global warming becomes the top of almost every government's agenda, recent trends have put pressure on world leaders to act immediately: for instance, forced recycling, carbon offsetting and a 10-year campaign to make environmentally friendly living fashionable.
Are these efforts really improving the environment? are these activities saving the earth? what is eco-friendly living? when we live in a period where the worlds climate disaster is about to happen, how can we live the ultimate green lifestyle? The project takes current green trends to the extreme by proposing a community of people called "Extreme Green Guerrillas". This project fell into three design proposals, which explore their lifestyles and systems they use to enjoy their lives:

Communication, Feast and Death.





Extreme Green Guerrilas send messages internationally by hacking into the animal migration system.













By modifying the urban vermin, such as pigeons and rats, Extreme Green Guerrillas have created more edible and gourmet like delicacy. One example is an animal called Piguail, which is hybrid of Pigeon (vermin) and Quail (gourmet).









When a member of Extreme Green Guerrillas becomes twenty years old, his/her ears are pierced with a euthanasing earring, contains muscle relaxant and a lethal drug. This pierced earring becomes a permanent fixture. Throughout their life the inner core of the earring rotates day by day. On their fortieth birthday, the muscle relaxant and lethal drug are released through a hypodermic needle, leading to peaceful death. By promoting a young death, Extreme Green Guerrillas can sustain the ultimate green life. If you know your life will last only forty years, how would you behave?




Objectives of the project:
I would like to give a critical point of view on the current general green visions, because many green activities are used as a medium of consumerism. Even though climate disaster might be happening, I don’t want people to panic and just follow what they are told to do. By illustrating an extreme green scenario through E.G.G. project, I would like people to think of the core problems and think of their own solution. My point is not to say that this is the solution nor the future. This project's role is more to provoke with intriguiging artworks, have people question their lifestyle and get the debate on green issues going.